Greg’s Lawn Care & Landscape

Greg’s Lawn Care & Landscape is a family owned business from the Grand Forks area.  We have been serving our customers and neighbors for over 10 years.


We strive to treat our customers as a partner in achieving a common goal: a lawn our customers are happy to come home to.

Our programs allow us to customize to our customers needs.  We pride ourselves in providing the best lawn care programs available.


Our customers are our first priority and we look forward to serving you because your lawn keeps growing and growing and growing.

Lawn Services


Commercial & Residential mowing services are offered and designed to meet each customer’s needs. When we first meet we will also discuss the day or time you prefer because we are flexible to work around your schedule.  We also offer a variety of other services to fit your lawn care needs.



Whether its a complete landscape renovation or a simple tree or plant that needs to be replaced, we have the tools needed to get the job done for you.  Continuous concrete curbing, patios or retaining walls, outdoors lighting, ponds, or installing plants, trees, and shrubs are just a few of the landscaping services we offer.

Snow Removal


Commercial or residential snow removal, hauling and lot treating, or driveways and sidewalks.  Instead of fighting the snow this winter, we can take care of all your winter needs.  Call for estimate.

Mosquito Control


If you need protection for a single event or if you would like a program that will keep the mosquitoes at bay for the summer, we have a solution for you. 

Tips & Tricks



Your lawn needs approximately 1 inch of water per week. Watering 2X a week is best.

Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring is when you see circles in the yard caused by decaying material under the soil.



Rust is caused by spores and can be identified by an orange “rust” coloring on shoes when you walk through the grass.

Summer Chlorosis


Summer Chlorosis is a yellowing of the lawn (or in spots). This is caused by high heat effecting the chlorophyll of the plant, seen mostly in late summer.

Creeping Charlie

(Ground Ivy)


Creeping Charlie is a cropped leaf plant growing in patches in the lawn. This can be controlled over time with multiple applications.



Clover is the green multi leaf plants with white or bluish purple flowers that grow in patches with in your lawn. This can be controlled over time with multiple applications.



Grubs are the small white larvae of beetles that feed off of the roots of the lawn. Usually seen in heavily thatched lawns in late July into August.



Mushrooms are also seen in moist ground.

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