Lawn Care




Commercial & Residential mowing services are offered and designed to meet each customer’s needs. When we first meet we will also discuss the day or time you prefer because we are flexible to work around your schedule.  Once we have you set on your schedule, expect to see us there around the same day/time every week.


While a crew from Greg’s Lawn Care is on site we make sure there are no obstacles in the area to be maintained, as in gutters, hoses, garbage, etc.

Spring & Fall Cleanup


Let us be the first on your lawn to clean up the debris left over from the winter.  We will make sure all garbage is cleaned up, clean all your rockbeds, and make sure your lawn is ready for the upcoming season. By the time our crew has left, we don’t need to leave you a note in the door telling you we were there, you will see it!


Make sure to keep us in mind at the end of the season too!  We will prepare your lawn for the winter by cleaning up all your leaves that have fallen.  This helps for when the spring rolls around making sure there is nothing to obstruct your lawn from the precious sunshine.

Aeration & Overseeding


Core Aeration is the process of pulling plugs from the soil, thereby allowing air, water, and nutrients an avenue to reach the root zone of the grass plants so they may feed. In soils where there is a high concentration of clay, this is an especially important part of developing and keeping a healthy lawn.  Core Aeration is suggested when the lawn has become compacted, or when the thatch layer becomes excessive.


Mixing an overseeding with an aeration allows new grass to penetrate the soil where important nutrients are found.  This will then allow new grass to grow and help your lawn become thick and plush.

Fertilizer and Weed Control


5 Application Premium Weed and Feed Program Includes all 5 applications. Service calls are free between applications. Recommended Program


4 Application Weed and Feed Program Includes applications 1, 2, 4, and 5. Service calls are free between applications.


3 Application Weed and Feed Program Includes applications 1, 3, and 5. Service calls are free between applications.


2 Application Program Includes application 1 and 4, depending on what time of the year you start.


Application 1 Spring – Balanced fertilization, weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass control where appropriate.


Application 2 Early Summer – Balanced fertilization and weed control. We take time to treat emerging weeds that need warmer soil temperatures to germinate.


Application 3 Mid Summer – Balanced fertilization and weed control for middle of the summer application.


Application 4 Late Summer – Balanced fertilization regulated for higher temperatures and weed control for those late summer weeds.


Application 5 Fall – Balanced fertilization and weed control to boost lawn health going into Winter and clean up persistent weeds.

Dethatching &
Power Raking


The dead layer of grass that rests on the surface of your lawn is called ‘Thatch’, which may cause harm to your lawn by stopping water from reaching the roots of your grass. This process then proceeds to restrict nutrients to reach your grass as well – causing it to die. While it may be a service that is commonly overlooked, it is essential to a healthy lawn.


Power Raking is the process of removing excess thatch from the lawn. This process is more intense and is only necessary when the thatch layer becomes about 1 inch thick or more.  This can only be done in the early spring to prevent damage to healthy grass later in the season.





Due to improper sloping of a yard or excessive thatch layer growth, edging may be required to prevent further spreading onto the sidewalks or driveways.  This process uses a steel blade to penetrate the soil and cut off horizontal growth of grass and weeds.  This will not only prevent growth but provides you with a precise border for your sidewalks and driveways.




Call and ask us about this service.



Call and ask us about this service.

Continuous Concrete Curbing


Call and ask us about this service.

Other Services

Snow Removal


Commercial or residential snow removal, hauling and lot treating, or driveways and sidewalks.  Instead of fighting the snow this winter, we can take care of all your winter needs.  Call us for an estimate.

Mosquito Control


If you need protection for a single event or if you would like a program that will keep the mosquitoes at bay for the summer, we have a solution for you.

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